Phil Murray and the Boys From Bury are almost a legend in the north of England. If you haven’t heard the music you know the name. But they’re not from Bury and the singers’ name isn’t Murray. They deal in an infectious brand of punk-infused witty guitar pop inspired by life in their home town of Rotherham, a town which requires a sense of humour!

Songs like ‘I Can’t Stop Eating Trees’, ‘Shurrup Me Dads In Bed’ and ‘Dying Turtle’ (the latter inducing the audience to spontaneously get on their backs and wriggle their arms and legs in the air) have been received with great enthusiasm from audiences across the UK.

The line-up comprises Phil on lead vocal, Craig on bass, Rich on drums and Dally on guitar. The band have been playing together for a number of years both as headliners and also as support to the likes of The Damned, UK SUBS, Dr. Feelgood and John Otway. You can keep up with the latest blog, gigs etc. on MySpace. Listen for free at Last.fm and Spotify.

Latest News

Date: 22/03/2024

There's a new audio recording on YouTube of our gig at The Bridgehouse in Camden Town on 03-10-2009.
Date: 03/08/2022

We're going to be playing at Chantry Brewery, Parkgate, Rotherham on Saturday 24th September 2022. We'll be on stage at 8:00pm
Date: 07/06/2018

The band are finalists in the Best Band category at this years Rotherham Music Awards. The awards ceremony takes place at Magna in Rotherham on 3rd July 2018.
Date: 08/01/2016

You waite for ages and then three come all at once! We have some gigs booked for 2016.

Sunday 7th Feb 2016, Cutlers Arms, Rotherham - Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice charity gig.

Sunday 1st May, Cutlers Arms, Rotherham - Chantry Brewery Punk Festival with Vice Squad.

Sunday 3rd July, Cutlers Arms, Rotherham - Slamfest 2016 with T.V. Smith and The Members.

Date: 02/10/2015

There's a new animation from Rich for the classic track Rainy Night in Rotherham on Youtube.
Date: 18/09/2015

The first of the 30th anniversary shows will at The Cutlers Arms in Rotherham n Saturday 3rd October. The band will be on stage at 4:00pm.


16/11/2024 Chantry Brewery, Parkgate, Rotherham 07735831693

15/04/2023 Phoenix Pavillion, Brinsworth

24/09/2022 Chantry Brewery, Parkgate, Rotherham 07735831693

17/03/2018 Cutlers Arms Rotherham with Anti- nowhere League

03/07/2016 Cutlers Arms, Rotherham

Phils Jokes

Two flys on a turd , one farts the other one says "do yer mind i'm eating"
Two flys on a arse, which ones the boxer.......The one in the ring!
Two flys on a toilet seat.......one got pissed off!!
Two lions walking through the middle of Rotherham,one says to the other"its bloody quiet in it"
A penguin walks in to a pub and says to the barman"excuse me have you seen my brother in here" The barman replies"whats he look like"

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